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Welcome to the City of London Corporation

Towering achievement

Completed in 1894, Tower Bridge was instantly hailed as a London icon and one of the great engineering marvels.

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  • Business
    The global financial centre

    We are committed to serving the needs of international business and maintaining the global trade and development environment.

  • Things to do
    Green spaces and visitor attractions

    Galleries, theatres, museums and concert halls, plus we own and manage over 10,000 acres of open spaces in and around London.

  • About the City
    The Square Mile and City Corporation

    The City Corporation provides local government services for the Square Mile, the financial and commercial heart of Britain.

  • Services
    Local authority services for the City

    We provide a diverse range of local authority services for the benefit of City residents, businesses, and all those who visit or work in the Square Mile .


The City of London: The Square Mile


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